Flat Iron Square: A Chorizo, Nduja & Short-Rib Nugget Fest

Ariel: I am super lazy on the weekends, so Jeremy knows the best way to get me out of the flat is to lure me with promises of delicious food. Flat Iron Square is about a twenty/thirty minute walk from our flat, so we can discuss our plan of attack en route. Otherwise, I’ll just kind of flit back and forth between all the different vendors and take ages to make a decision. There are so many yummy options there, from ramen to pizza to pancakes, that it can be really hard to pick!

Jeremy: South London is blessed with plenty of food markets. Flat Iron Square isn’t the definitive best, but it’s certainly up there. And if you like railway arches annexed by foodie hipsters, this is right up your street! The food is outstanding and there’s decent bar too—just get there early if you want lager on tap, which will be all but gone by the early afternoon.  Sunday also boasts an outdoor flea market: good for browsing, great if you want to spend £65 on a handmade chopping board.

Ariel: Ew, did you honestly just say “blessed” unironically? I don’t know who you are anymore. However, I agree with your other points, and would like to add that there’s an ice cream vendor next to the flea market, so I highly recommend wandering around with an ice-cream cone in hand as you browse.

What did we eat?


Chorizo & nduja pizza

Baz & Fred's chorizo, nduja pizza from Flat Iron Square in South East London
Baz&Fred’s chorizo & nduja pizza

Jeremy: 5 stars across the board, for anticipation, enjoyment and post-pizza satisfaction. I know everyone will tell you they’ve found the best pizza in London, but this is the real deal. Plenty of two-bit pubs and clubs have clay pizza ovens nowadays—these guys spin the dough themselves and cook every pizza in its own little wok. The outcome boggles the mind and the tastebuds.

Ariel: This is some damn good pizza, you guys. It’s so good I think I blacked out while I ate it, and now I just have some vague flashbacks of spicy meat and gooey cheese blending together into a glorious, flavour-packed explosion in my mouth.


Short-rib nuggets

short rib nuggest, flat iron square market in south east london
EDū’s short-rib nuggets

Jeremy: Anticipation: 5 stars. Enjoyment: 3.5 stars. Satisfaction: 2 stars. I didn’t know short-rib nuggets existed and was thrilled to find them. While there was nothing wrong with the end product, they didn’t live up to expectation. Can’t say I’ve given them much thought since. In summary, donugget them.

Ariel:  3 stars for me. They weren’t bad, but I thought they were a bit dry and boring, especially compared to the croquettes.

Smoked ham croquettes

ham croquettes from EDū flat iron square in south east london
EDū’s ham croquettes

Ariel: 5 stars. I love croquettes, and these were deeply satisfying and delicious. Super cheesy, not overwhelmingly smokey, with a great crispy texture. Probably could have eaten thirty in one sitting if given the right opportunity.

Jeremy: I wasn’t expecting much—as far as croquettes are concerned, I figured we’d been there, done that. But these were goddamn incredible. 5 stars all round!!

Date of visit: Sunday 25 June 2017
Next visit: Definitely this summer!

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  1. Judy says:

    Pizza in a little wok?? Gotta try it and the croquettes sound amazing.

    1. London South Eats says:

      We’ve since discovered they cook their pizzas in something called a “Chadwick Oven”

      1. Judy says:

        https://www.chadwickoven.com/ Wow , they look like little Space Age woks that make pizza and other flat breads !

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