Gladstone Arms: Cosy Cocktails & Home Cooking By Borough

Jeremy: We’re chuffed to be the first food bloggers staking our claim to this snug gastro pub since it reopened. The Gladstone Arms is a summery city pub with buckets of charm, tucked away on a residential street just a stone’s throw from Borough Station. We were first drawn there one sunny afternoon by the promise of peaceful lounging with iced coffee and cocktails. Three hours later we were back, to see what The Glad’s Borough Market sourced kitchen had to offer.

Ariel: We had a carrier bag full of library books and nowhere to go. Never before has a sign in the middle of a sidewalk marketed so effectively to me than when I saw the one from The Glad.

The Roof-Top Terrace

Jeremy: This was my favourite thing about The Glad. Seating up to eight people, its seats, tables and walls are tastefully decorated with funky fabrics and flower baskets. Bamboo walls give you some privacy from passers-by on Newington Causeway, while sunlight still filters through the thin reeds. If you’re looking for some down-time around Borough this summer, get five of your friends and make this spot your own for an afternoon.

Ariel: My hope is that eventually we’ll be such regulars that we can call ahead to reserve the “usual spot”. I could spend many an afternoon here sipping yummy cocktails and reading a book. As Jeremy said, the pub itself is really welcoming, but man, this bit is so cozy and lovely! As we’ve been putting this post together I keep turning to him asking when we’re going back.


cocktails from london pub the gladstone arms
Great British Summer (left) & White Knight (right)

Funky Drummer

Ariel says: “The perfect rhythm of gin, hibiscus syrup, pink berries, topped with prosecco – a glamorous sparkling cocktail.” Oh my, and glamorous it was. I love a bit of fizz in my cocktail, and I also like them fruity so this was the perfect blend for me. On a warm summer afternoon, it was super refreshing and light.

The Great British Summer

Ariel: “A summertime seduction of vodka, basil, honey and passion fruit puree—the perfect coolie for a British Summer.”  I had this one with dinner, and it was also a great choice. It was still early enough when we went back for dinner (and happy hour, which is from 5-7 and then again 10-close, which is amazing) that it was still pretty hot outside, so I was craving cold, fruity cocktails and this one promised me it was perfect for summer.

Jeremy: I had a thoroughly enjoyable sip, but am still of the opinion that every vodka-based cocktail would be better off with gin. Nothing personal, Glad.

The White Knight

Jeremy: It’s hard to go wrong with sugar, lemon juice and gin—if you’ve ever had a Bee’s Knees, you’ll know why. This was more of a Tom Collins spruced up with orange and cherry. Seriously good.


soya sliders, calamari, chicken kara-age & chicken tikka at The Gladstone Arms

Spring-time Soya Slider

Jeremy: Burgers that contain little to no meat tend to make me sceptical, but these were feckin’ tasty. Imagine a gourmet fish finger burger with chilli mayo, a lightly toasted brioche bun and fingers at the perfect level of crispy. Replace the fish with soya mince (had never come across this before, it tasted chickpea-ey? It’s good anyway) and that’s what you’ve got here.

Ariel: Given the rest of our meal was so meat-based, I was excited to try something vegetarian on the menu, and I loved this! It definitely tasted like there were chickpeas involved, and I was into it.

Golden calamari

Ariel: The calamari was crisp and fluffy and really tasty. I also really liked that it wasn’t the calamari rings you sometimes get that look misleadingly like onion rings; they were the perfect bite-sized appetiser.

Jeremy: What she said! This was the stand-out part of a very good multicultural tapas. Golden, fluffy, nicely spiced and gone far too quickly. I’d forgo another night of cocktails if they’d bring me a jug of these instead.

Chicken Kara-age / Traditional chicken tikka

Jeremy: These felt like sister dishes from opposite ends of Asia. Their chicken tikka is solid Indian cuisine, but was trumped by the Japanese Kara-age—this was crispy, spicy skewered goodness. I want someone to introduce me to The Glad’s chicken guy.

Ariel: I have similar comments for both of these. The chicken was so tender and flavourful. I loved the Kara-age, and usually crispy things will always triumph for me, but I’m just such a sucker for chicken tikka, and the spices on this one were so good.

Date of visit: 2pm, Sunday 2nd June 2017
Next visit: Three hours later

See what’s on offer down the road at Flat Iron Square food market

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