Frenchie Bistro: London’s Best Burgers Are Beefless

Jeremy: You’ve just digitally stumbled across what might be my favourite restaurant in all of London. It’s not about being the biggest, busiest or having the most diverse menu. Frenchie Bistro taught us that the secret to being the best is duck fat—with everything, and lots of it.

Ariel: Duck confit burgers had been on our radar since we’d tried some at a market near where Jeremy worked a few years ago. It wasn’t south London, so the location is irrelevant here. Once we saw the menu at Frenchie Bistro, we were hopeful that we had discovered where to get our duck confit fix within a five-minute walk.  It did not disappoint, to say the least.

The Decor

Jeremy: Frenchie Bistro can be found within The Artworks at Elephant & Castle, an allotment of tactically stacked shipping containers, renovated to host small businesses. The restaurant itself is a thing of hipster beauty—small, stylish and romantically refurbished. It’s an ideal date location.

Ariel: I love this place for a romantic evening out with Jeremy or an intimate gathering with friends. In addition to delicious food, it’s so cozy and lovely inside, and the wine is great, so you can’t ask for much more.

Jeremy: Headroom is a minor issue. On my second visit I came close to smashing one of their lights just by standing up. But goddamn it was entirely worth it for the food that followed.

Frenchie Bistro, The Artworks Elephant

Duck Confit Burgers

Jeremy: Admittedly, all duck confit burgers are glorious. They fulfil every craving: cheesy and fancy, leaving you with the supreme satisfaction that usually only junk food can provide.

That said, the Frenchie duck confit is divine. With brioche buns and a generous serving of crispy duck, you can then fill them with blue cheese, goats cheese, cheddar or raclette. I never thought four simple menu items could cause such emotional angst when ordering.

After many visits and much handwringing, the blue cheese duck confit burger is now my go-to. I’ve spent more money on many other meals, but I never feel more luxurious than when eating the burgers at Frenchie Bistro.

Duck Confit Burger @ Frenchie Bistro

Duck Fat Chips

Jeremy: Want more duck to go with your main course of duck? Of course! These chips must be triple, quadruple, quintuple cooked? They are just that crispy, and generously served. When you go, get yours with the raclette cheese on top. These genuinely make me salivate.

Ariel: Unsurprisingly, these are best had when eating in the restaurant. If you’re getting takeaway, skip the chips and stick to the burger. Or do what we did when we were passing by the restaurant one day and couldn’t resist the call of the chips: order some to go and devour them within 100 steps of the restaurant.


Jeremy: They’re French: they know what they’re doing. Take their recommendation. Don’t argue with them. You won’t be disappointed.

Fancy a post-meal cocktail? We’ve got the perfect place.

Bonus tip: 

Ariel: I rarely leave a restaurant without a doggy bag or Jeremy finishing my food for me. I never ever let him finish my duck confit burger from here because if we have anything left over we incorporate it into our breakfast the next morning. Toast up the bun, toss the duck and cheese into some eggs, and you have an incredible morning treat.

Date of visit: Wednesday 26 August 2017
Next visit: When the duck sweats wear off

Staying in? Frenchie Bistro does duck confit to go via Deliveroo.

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  1. Judy says:

    I love this little gem of a bistro ! Was lucky enough to go there during a London visit last year and can’t wait to go back this September. Duck confit burger was so good, wait staff is really nice and so is cozy atmosphere.

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