Feng Sushi: Gorgeous Sushi on Borough Market’s Doorstep

Jeremy: Borough Market is a beautiful place, but one we tend to steer clear of. As South London markets go, there are plenty of equally good alternatives that tourists haven’t cottoned onto yet.

The main exception is Feng Sushi, our favourite sushi restaurant in London. Looking out onto the market’s hustle and bustle, you can almost always be sure of a) finding a table and b) a great atmosphere.

Ariel:  I used to work around Borough. I found Feng Sushi when I met up with a friend for lunch there one day, and I’m so happy I did. The food is delicious and very reasonably priced. It’s great to go when the weather’s nice as they open the whole front of the restaurant and have outdoor options as well. Because it’s tucked away on one of the side streets, you can still see the market and enjoy the bustle without being overwhelmed.

Salmon Dragon Roll at Feng Sushi


Jeremy: The miso soup is as good as you could ask for. Their vegetarian spring rolls are nicely crisp, flakey (in a good way) and come with a sweet, sweet dip. Same goes for the prawn gyoza, which are authentic and generously filled. It’s so tempting to fill up on these alone, but they’re nothing to the main event.

Sushi Rolls

Jeremy: Feng’s starters are good, but it’s the sushi and sashimi that always steals the show. Their fish is superb—fresh and firm, particularly the sashimi—and the rolls are always immaculately prepared.

I particularly recommend the soft shell crab with avocado and Philadelphia rolls; otherwise the bigger and more layers the better, as far as the rolls are concerned!

Ariel:  They have brown rice sushi options here! Definitely one of my favorite things about Feng.  I really enjoy the brown rice tuna rolls they’ve got, and I believe you can get the soft shell crab rolls this way too, but don’t quote me on that.

Salmon Dragon Roll

Jeremy: Shout out to the salmon dragon roll, featuring a salmon filling topped with additional salmon. Every piece looks like a work of art and tastes Fenger-lickin’ good.

Staying in? Feng does sushi to go

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