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Bringing you the best culinary advice available for South East London, from our London South Eats HQ in Elephant & Castle.

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Ariel @ London South Eats

Ariel (@22aer22) is a bad books blogger and budding urban gardener, who works as a data analyst in the travel industry. She’s single-handedly keeping the pretzel industry afloat through her daily consumption.

At London South Eats, Ariel occupies the role of founder, CEO, CPO, CDO, photographer, co-author, managing director, compliance officer, chief innovation evangelist & SVP of product.

Jeremy @ London South Eats

Jeremy (@JeremyCoward) is a digital content marketer for an Internet of Things event series, who dabbles in cooking, piano and badminton in his free time. He’s a benevolent glutton who finishes all of Ariel’s meals, even when he isn’t asked to.

At London South Eats, Jeremy fills the role of co-founder, COO, CMO, CISO, co-author, social media guru, executive editor, principal analyst, head of recruitment, majority shareholder & chief sales lead.

Ja Fool (Jaffy) Jones @ London South Eats

Ja Fool (Jaffy) Jones is the long-serving resident goldfish at London South Eats. As the blog’s top earner, he rakes in a six-figure salary and once appeared on the cover of Food Network Magazine.

At London South Eats, Jaffy holds the position of CFO, executive vice president & chairman of the board.

Elliott, robot hoover @ London South Eats

Elliott is the robot hoover at London South Eats HQ.

No one’s really clear about Elliott’s job description, but it’s pretty clear he’s vital to the whole damn operation.

One bleak and dreary night, around a smallish table in a dark and dusty corner of the Charlie Chaplin pub, the above parties assembled to nurse half pints of Kestrel Super and hatch wild, half-baked schemes of taking the south-of-the-Thames culinary blogging sphere by storm.

Thus, The A-Team of South London restaurant and recipe critique was born. Read the first review that was the brainchild of these crazed and sadistic culinary crackpot wordsmiths.

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